Continuous Delivery

Develop, test, and deploy faster in order to minimize the time-to-market

Web and Mobiles Apps Development

Web-based apps are cost-effective, accessible anywhere and on any device, easy to update and maintain.

Vorkplace transformation

Virtual workplace, Connected objects, Virtual reality, Work at home

Data storage & analytics

Data vizualisation, Big Data & Data Lake, BI

UX, UI and Design

Intuitive usage, transparent navigation, and high interactivity, for websites or mobile apps.

New generation Apps

Cooperative work & learning, communication, social networks at work, e-commerce

Cloud 75%

75% Complete

Sharepoint 85%

85% Complete

Big Data 95%

95% Complete

Salesforce 90%

90% Complete

Drupal 65%

65% Complete

Wordpress 95%

95% Complete